Dental Implants FAQs

Winter Haven Oral Surgery – Dr. Cornejo

Will I need bone grafting?

The longer you have been missing a tooth, the more likely you will need bone grafting prior to having an implant placed. In some cases, we can place the implant at the time of extraction.

How much do dental implants cost?

While the upfront cost of dental implants may seem higher than alternatives, they rarely require replacement and regular maintenance is minimal, helping to close the gap in cost.

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Will the implant hurt?

You will be totally pain-free throughout the surgery, and we offer IV sedation for patients that would like to be relaxed and sleepy for the procedure. As the anesthesia wears off later in the day, you may experience some soreness, lasting for a few days. We will discuss pain control prior to your surgery.

How long does the process take?

The surgery takes about half an hour for one implant, while the entire process usually takes 3-6 months. For more involved cases and advanced bone grafting the process may take up to 12 months.

Will I be able to work following dental implant surgery?

You will want to take the remainder of the day off after your surgery, but probably will be ready to return to work the following day.

Dental Implants are a wonderful investment in your health and can provide confidence and a happier life. Please call our friendly team today to find out about our dental implant services!