Patient Comfort

Winter Haven Oral Surgery, Dr. Cornejo & Dr. Ramirez

We take pride in making your experience with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We will thoroughly present treatment options, and explain our procedures. It is our goal to have you feel secure in the treatment you receive.

We have at our disposal the latest techniques to assure you are comfortable during each procedure. Local Anesthesia, onset by onpharma, or intravenous sedation, offer effective pain and anxiety control, and are mutually agreed upon between you and your doctor. These options will be discussed with you during the treatment planning consultation.

Our office is located on Avenue K  in the medical complex across from the Eye Specialist. Our friendly and courteous staff will greet you and do everything possible to make you feel welcomed and at ease.

Please feel free to browse our reviews to see what other patients and doctors are saying about their experience with us.